General Research Interests

I mostly work on epistemology and philosophy of mathematics. Within philosophy of mathematics, I'm especially interested in the access/Benacerraf problem for mathematical realists, the relationship between mathematics and logic and the philosophy of set theory.

I think understanding these topics better can powerfully illuminate access problems in other areas,e.g., ethics, the foundations of a priori knowledge, and metametaphysics (particularly debates about realism and knowledge by convention).

The Benacerraf Problem

My dissertation and many of my publications develop a proposed solution to the Benacerraf Problem which embraces extreme truth value realism (e.g., definite facts about the Continuum Hypothesis and the Generalized Continuum Hypothesis), the literal existence of mathematical objects, and fairly traditional a priorist epistemology of mathematics.

I have argued that this proposed solution to the access problem for mathematical realists probably can't be mirrored by moral realists, This blocks (certain versions of) the `companions in guilt' argument in .