" locate in the blackness with a gasp
Terra the fair, an orbicle of jasp" - Pale Fire, V. Nabokov

I wrote my dissertation on ``the access problem'' (aka The Benacerraf Problem) at Harvard under Warren Goldfarb, Peter Koellner , Ned Hall, and Bernard Nickel. Then I spent a year as postdoc at the Australian National University under Dave Chalmers and Daniel Stoljar and did a Polonsky Fellowship at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. I joined Oakland University this fall.

I mostly work on the foundations of a priori knowledge, (meta)metaphysical issues concerning realism and knowledge by convention, and the philosophy of mathematics and logic -- with a special focus on epistemological issues, set theory, and connections to metaethics.

Many of my publications develop tools for a proposed solution to the Benacerraf Problem which embraces extreme truth value realism (e.g., definite facts about the Continuum Hypothesis and the Generalized Continuum Hypothesis), the literal existence of mathematical objects, and fairly traditional a priorist epistemology of mathematics. If successful, this project has powerful implications for other areas of philosophy, e.g., in defeating the companions in guilt argument.


Under Review

Book   A Logical Foundation for Potentialist Set Theory

Work In Progress

  • What Modal Notion Should the Set Theoretic Potentialist Use?
  • Three Mathematical Indispensibility Arguments

Just for Fun

  • Plato and Brogaard on Romantic Love and Perceptual Experience
  • On Gratitude and Resentment Without an Object: Quasi-Reactive Attitudes for Atheists
  • Nabokov's Passionate Agnosticism in Bend Sinister

Teaching Tools and Logic Games

Here's a link to the logic website I co-wrote one summer for Harvard's intro logic class, and some educational games I've written.


Say hello at if you want to see draft papers or talk shop.

Paper Length Overview of Dissertation/Access Problem Stuff

Solving the Access Problem for Logical Possibility See CAFAP, CQVMF and MSS for details, the book for a sample `logic of logical possibility', and PNCG for metaethical applications.

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