" locate in the blackness with a gasp
Terra the fair, an orbicle of jasp" - Pale Fire, V. Nabokov

I wrote my dissertation on the ``access problem'' in philosophy of mathematics at Harvard under Warren Goldfarb, Peter Koellner , Ned Hall, and Bernard Nickel. I've just completed a postdoc at the Australian National University, and started another postdoc at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem.


Under Review

Book Draft A Logical Foundation for Potentialist Set Theory

Work In Progress

  • External World Skepticism and Psychologism about the Problem of Priors
  • Quantifier Variance, Quinean Indispensibility and Grounding
  • On Vann McGee and Grasping Set Theoretic Concepts
  • Modal Structuralism, Probability and Physical Magnitudes

Just for Fun

  • Why Climb Plato's Ladder?
  • Nabokov's Passionate Agnosticism in Bend Sinister
website under construction. all drafts available by request to .

CV etc

An old CV

Teaching/Educational Games

Here's a link to the logic website I co-wrote one summer for harvard's intro logic class, and to some other educational game stuff which I wrote on my own to learn languages Nested Quantifier Arcade (mac), Truthtabler (browser) and Latin Game Demo (mac) .