" locate in the blackness with a gasp
Terra the fair, an orbicle of jasp" - Pale Fire, V. Nabokov

I wrote my dissertation on the ``access problem'' in philosophy of mathematics at Harvard under Warren Goldfarb, Peter Koellner , Ned Hall, and Bernard Nickel. I've just completed a postdoc at the Australian National University, and started another postdoc at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem.

My dissertation proposes a solution to the mathematical access problem which is compatible with: extreme truth value realism (positing proof-transcendent right answers to all questions in arithmetic and set theory e.g. CH, GCH), the literal existence of mathematical objects, and fairly traditional a priorist epistemology of mathematics. If successful, I think this project has powerful implications for other areas of philosophy, e.g. in defeating the companions in guilt argument in metaethics. But most of my research still focuses on expanding on elements of my story and (sometimes) proving supporting formal stuff .

[ Note 22/05/2017: I'll be presenting my gunk mountain note at the big Mind/Aristotelian Soc. Joint Sessions in July and then hanging around hostels in Edinburgh for a week. So if you're going and want to hang out and talk shop, do drop me a line!]


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Book Draft A Logical Foundation for Potentialist Set Theory

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  • Why Climb Plato's Ladder?
  • Nabokov's Passionate Agnosticism in Bend Sinister
  • The Epistemic Problem of Evil
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Here's a link to the logic website I co-wrote one summer for harvard's intro logic class, and to some other educational game stuff which I wrote on my own to learn languages Nested Quantifier Arcade (mac), Truthtabler (browser) and Latin Game Demo (mac) .