" locate in the blackness with a gasp
Terra the fair, an orbicle of jasp" - Pale Fire, V. Nabokov

I wrote my dissertation on the ``access problem'' in philosophy of mathematics at Harvard under Warren Goldfarb, Peter Koellner , Ned Hall, and Bernard Nickel. I've just completed a postdoc at the Australian National University, and started another postdoc at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem.


Drafts (Some titles removed for anonymous review)

website under construction. all drafts available by request.

CV etc

An old CV

Teaching/Educational Games

Here's a link to the logic website I co-wrote one summer for harvard's intro logic class, and to some other educational game stuff which I wrote on my own to learn languages Nested Quantifier Arcade (mac), Truthtabler (browser) and Latin Game Demo (mac) .