Nested Quantifier Arcade Game (Demo/Proof of Concept)

This fast paced arcade-style game helps players learn to interpret sentences involving nested quantification.

To play, evaluate randomly generated sentences about the color and shape properties of three objects `Alice', `Bob', and `Claire' and how a two place relation `arrows' (represented by an orange arrow) relates them to one another.

Getting questions right lets you `charge up' the progress bar and beat a level. Each new level features somewhat more complex sentences. And the closer you get to filling the bar, the faster you loose charge, so the end of each level is a bit of a race!

Click here to download.

[Note 1: This is just a proof of concept. The last level (level 5) is still a little buggy. ]

[Note 2: Due to changes in OS X security settings implemented since I wrote the program, you may need to go to your Security & Privacy setting and give special permission to run the game. ]